Saturday, September 03, 2016

A Man Who Cannot Drive

Truthfully, as Bernie Sanders said of Hillary Clinton's emails, "ENOUGH I'm sick of your damn emails." End of story but it isn't because the disloyal opposition wants to keep it alive as they think they can win by doing so. Revelation: They cannot and will not win. The electorate, I believe, at this point, since 2015 is sick to death of Hillary Clinton's email clearly political so called "scandal" to help the Republican cause whatever cause that cause may be.

It does, I think, present the question: Why oh why were Bush, Cheney and the gang given a free pass on so much mendacity? Their lies and decisions based on those lies to take a nation to war -- the Iraq War -- have cost hundreds of thousands of lives, millions of refugees and trillions in cash while it imbalanced and ruined a Middle East for generations. The devastating war in Syria bloomed out of the winds of the Iraq War as did Al Qaeda in Iraq and its vicious sidecar ISIS . Now, THAT war was a topic worthy of investigation by Congress but never got one. It could and should have resulted in a presidential impeachment. I suppose Republicons write up Articles of Impeachment only for Democratic presidential sexual faux pas.

The lies and preconceived notions of the Republican Bush administration that took a nation to war based on those lies for which we the people must still pay in precious blood and treasure is seared into history's memory if not the memory of the electorate forever. It truly boggles the mind that Cheney and Bush suffered no retribution and nothing was heard from Republican hypocrites except now against a Democrat when they know the presidency and even both houses of Congress could be at risk because of a mendacious, incompetent, rude and malevolent hypocrite Republican Presidential nominee Trump who cares nothing for this nation except what money he can squeeze out of it. It is as 2012 Republican Presidential nominee Romney stated and should be a title of a book about the insane 2016 campaign for US president -- "The Greatest Con Ever Sold."

Hillary's emails in question are nothing and did no harm in comparison to the greatest Republican committed foreign policy blunder in the history of this nation and one which carried with it the most profound generational consequences both here and around the world. We truly are fools if we get fooled again and give the car keys to another man who cannot drive.

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