Thursday, May 26, 2016


I paste the story here and below. The full title is: "Trump’s Neo-Nazi And Jewish Backers Are Both Convinced He’s Secretly On Their Side -- Which works out great for him"

I take issue with the title of the story. This racist bastard Trump's response to his neo-Nazi loving supporters is basically NO response at all. Truly, if Trump is not dangerous to the Jewish people, Muslims, and the peaceful transition of power in this nation, too, then I do not know who is.

Threats to the lives by Neo Nazis for Trump made to Jewish conservatives, conservative Jewish journalists and their families are chilling including their desire to send Jews back to the ovens! That brought ZERO response from Trump.

Trump MUST be stopped. I do not care who stops him nor do I care about a gd Hillary email server that did NOTHING but serve to add a can of gasoline to the RepubliCON'S arsenal. I am NOT critical of Secretary Clinton. I think she did what other secretaries of state before her did despite what the IG report said and that this nation's security was NOT compromised. Our national security SURELY is compromised by the presumptive presidential nominee of one of the two major US parties accepting without comment the support of the most extreme anti-Semitic right wingnuts in our nation. The neoNazi group Storm Front calls Trump their "glorious leader" while Trump, remains MUTE in silent acquiesce of their support.

I personally know of NO Jewish conservative backer who would countenance neo Nazi support of Trump nor would they countenance his many racist spewings calling the eminent professor Senator Warren, whose shoes he is NOT fit to shine, an American Indian slur which I will NOT state.

Those so called "conservatives" supporting the Republican Trump can call themselves a host of different names but they cannot call themselves patriots. They are traitors to our nation. How do I know they are traitors? Well, as the conservative Justice Potter Stewart said when he tried to define hard core pornography: "I know it when I see it."

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