Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A MUST SEE -- felony convicted Wall Street guy Elliot Broidy now heads Trump's Victory Fund

A MUST see as Rachel Maddow explains the corruption of NYstate comptrollers who were paid big time bribes by Wall Street guy Elliot Broidy of Mark Stone Capital so he and his firm could manage NY's $250 million in pension funds.

NY governor Cuomo busted the case. NY state Comptrollers went to jail BUT Wall Street guy Broidy who paid the bribes plead guilty and received a slap on the wrist. NO jail time. He is now Vice Chair of the Victory Fund of Donald Trump and there is more. Watch the Rachel Maddow video of last evening at her show's web site and be surprised -- or not surprised given the rancid state of our politics especially post Trump's vying for President of the United States and prospective nominee of the Republican Party!

Here or below.

How much more do you have to see to know how horrendous Donald J. Trump is and how he NEVER should become the President of the most powerful nation on earth in control of its nukes?!

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