Tuesday, May 24, 2016

CNN Report -- WHY THEY HATE US -- narrated by Fareed Zakaria

This should be required viewing of everyone who cares about mayhem in the Middle East and how US foreign policy figures into the dynamic. It is important, it is necessary to know, and it is life-saving IF we the people want to have some -- albeit ANY -- control on the nefarious things our government does in our ignorance accounting, ultimately, for the rationale behind the massive loss of life here and explosive upheaval around the globe.

Watch and learn what our government has done in our name and maybe one can make sense of the nonsensical!

I paste the link here and below. [There are short commercials within the documentary] or click on the specific short videos below it. Better still search for it within your cable system to watch on your TV.
I also paste text which gives an even clearer accounting of US actions in the Middle East bringing into focus the etiology of so much of the historical hatred against us. Salon gives, perhaps, the best accounting that explains the mayhem and our historical part in it.



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