Friday, May 27, 2016

The President's Speech at Hiroshima -- Making Sense of the Senseless

Click on the link below and listen to the video of Obama's speech at Hiroshima.  He is the first sitting US president to have gone where the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan 70 years ago by the United States that ended WWII. 

The speech is delivered as only the eloquent Obama can deliver it.  It brings tears to my eyes and strikes a spear to my empathetic heart.  In that one city alone, on a crystal clear blue sky morning, 140,000 human beings disintegrated and their entire city destroyed.  All should see the president and listen to him as he tries to make sense of the senseless.  His speech is NOT a moral indictment of this nation as the only nation to have dropped an atomic bomb for that analysis of policy should be left to historians to judge its efficacy.  It is also NOT an apology to the Japanese people as his Republican opposition would want us to believe it is.  It is, however, a reckoning of the ultimate destructive capacity man now possesses.  Man has the existential ability to eradicate himself, all he has created and indeed the very earth itself.  The president’s speech is one of realistic understanding of not only the technologically possible outcome of war but a warning that nuclear war must never happen.

War spans the civilizations of man since the beginning of time but the weapons of war, through time, have advanced.  Weapons now are not merely spears made out of flint but sophisticated complex bombs that harness the atomic stuff of life itself that can eradicate all life on earth.  The president warns and speaks of man’s ability and, indeed, his necessity to never allow the catastrophic consequences of nuclear war to happen.  Hiroshima shows us it can and why it must not. 


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