Saturday, May 28, 2016

Drumpf's BIG MOUTH

Trump's race baiting may have gotten him into a bit of a sticky wicket.(See link below.)  Sit back relax and enjoy the show. This time his rotten BIG mouth possibly got him into plenty of trouble.

HRC, will go after this blowhard with a torch. Ultimately, Drumpf could end up in jail or at least paying a nice tidy sum to all those he allegedly defrauded with the fake Trump University if he is ordered to pay a tidy sum.  It could even be referred by the judge to a criminal proceeding. 

He race bated the judge but the judge WILL have the last laugh as Trump must produce about 1000 pages relating to the big con. I cannot think of a more deserving piece of trash than Donald J. Racist Trump who this time his Mexican race bating a Mexican judge will backfire. I hope the judge squashes Drumpf like the bug he is!

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