Friday, March 04, 2016

Thursday Night Fights

The torturous Republican debate fiasco yesterday was the worst of all the Republican debates aired. I do not know how, on planet earth, anyone with even 1/4 of a functioning brain could feel proud of our nation or proud of themselves for even considering to be a part of a Republican Party that is such an EMBARRASSMENT.

The entire world is laughing at us that those who support this insanity would vote for such low life in their run for the highest office in the land. It is beyond my comprehension. This depravity is not relegated to Trump alone although he surely is the impetus for it. The profanity and shouting blather between the "candidates" was sometimes about, if one can believe it, Trump's genitalia size and how proudly exceptional to him it is.

The other Republican candidates with the exception of Kasich were nearly as verbally filthy as Trump. Is this the nation that has the most powerful military in the world, whose leader can, in one second, decide to blow it all up and make decisions that will haunt us for decades if not centuries? Someone MUST stop this insipid vulgarity before all of us, your children and their children are destroyed along with our beloved nation.

No other nation will capitulate to Trump's bombastic bullying. They will fight back, including Mexico, our ally, who will refuse to capitulate to Trump's wall fantasy and to making Mexico pay for it. Those who are really enjoying this are ISIS and its cohorts. It would give them every excuse they need to drastically hurt us. Then what would Trump do -- send in the Marines to fight and die in eternal war? Funny that blowhard never served one second in the military or put his life on the line.

It is a matter of time before someone gets killed when Trump speaks. In Detroit, yesterday, outside of the Fox theater where the debate was being held there was a huge rally of persons of color and others who support them. I wish I could have joined them in their outrage. Did the Fox network show that to us? NO of course not. None of the millions Trump wants to round up will go down peacefully like lambs to a fascistic slaughter. They WILL fight back. AMERICA WAKE UP. YOU ARE BEING HAD!


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