Thursday, March 03, 2016

Romney's Speech

I heard the entire speech. Unique is an understatement. I have never, even in the days of Barry Goldwater, heard another establishment Republican go after a fellow Republican and leader in the polls to capture the nomination that Romney gave.

I too wonder, and he was asked by reporters, if he would be the nominee if a brokered convention takes place. He did not answer. Yes, he will look like the guy on the white horse BUT Trump's allegiance of the extremist fanatical white power base will split a gasket and they may be doing that already. Christie the jerk will be making a speech at 1:00 and Trump at 1:30. It maybe too little too late for Romney's perspective to prevail.

What I did not like, of course, was Romney's swat at Hillary and what I do not like is that she has to contend with those gd emails. I called her headquarters in NY this a.m. and said while I like her, support her, contribute to her campaign and write endlessly in favor of her I worry of course I do about those emails and the FBI's now criminal investigation of the guy (a lower echelon guy) who was involved in its tech set up. She MUST have known NOT to do anything that would compromise her position and future. I said I wanted her to confront this head on. I think she put out a statement.

ROMNEY criticizes Hillary as the very emblem of the establishment. Well, truly, Mr. Romney is as well and he accepted graciously an endorsement in 2012 of Donald Trump and it took a crane for Romney to put out his own taxes. He did not put out all of them.

Interesting times? Oh, yes, these are interesting times. Frankly, my nerves could do without them.


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