Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Dumping on Trump -- Just the Facts Ma'am

Surprise: I am NOT a Trump supporter but I surely have to agree with him on the media/political spin as to who won the Iowa primary and that is all it is -- spin. In FACT (remember facts?) Trump finished second. Second is second. It is NOT third and it's NOT a loss. 2 or 9% would have been a loss but Trump did not get that, he got second a much higher percentage and RUBIO, a man of NO facts, got THIRD even though he was acting like he had just won the presidency. He did NOT win the presidency and Rubio did NOT win first, nor second. He won THIRD.

Rubio stole the true president's presidential acceptance speech -- "They said it never could be done ... " Paraphrasing the Democrat Lloyd Bensen during the 1988 VP debate against the rather unintelligent English spelling error prone know nothing, Republican Dan Quayle: Marco, I know Barack Obama's thoughtful loquacious gifts and you are NOT Barack Obama. Why if Trump did, in fact, better than Rubio is the press touting a loss for Trump and a win for Rubio? It is nonsensical.

There is a concerted effort by the establishment walking hand in hand with the press to take down Trump and push Rubio. A Rubio presidency is not going to happen. He will NOT be president. If I were Republican, and I am most DEFINITELY NOT, Trump would be my choice as there is no other Repuglican extremist who is beholden to no one using their own money least of all Marco Rubio funded by the billionaire Sheldon Adelson because he likes Rubio's position on Israel. I thought Rubio's first allegiance was to America. Dare I say Trump is the self-funding Sanders of the right wing extremist Republican Party in that he knows how Washington is bought by big money because once he was one of the buyers.

In this instance ONLY I think Trump is correct and the media is being UNFAIR to say the least. FACT: In Iowa Cruz took first, Trump took second and Rubio took third -- and that's a fact. Live with it, Rubio.

Rubio needs more than phony smiles, phony patriotic clap trap that means nothing and looking like a 12 year old. By the way my grandfather did what Rubio said his father did in Rubio's faux presidential acceptance speech. He came up from nothing. How many Democrats is that true of as well? Answer: Millions. FACTS: check them out.

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