Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Deconstructing Nat

I have spoken to very savvy politicos. Here is what I think now after many discussions and hand wringing from yesterday's Iowa vote:

My problem is I listen to too much of the noise not the signal. An extremist Republican cannot win. Discount the Republican primary votes and look ahead to the general. Sanders will not win and it will be Hillary who if it is Cruz or Trump or even Rubio once those jerks become clear in terms of what they support Hillary will take it more easily than thought before. Count NOT the primary votes but count the ELECTORAL votes. She will take CA and all of the far west, some of the middle states like Michigan and/or Ohio and of course the Northeast like NY and she will take in the larger election Mass, CT, R.I. of course and more even VA and maybe even North Carolina once persons of color and Hispanics vote which they will heavily for her because the Republicon Party is NOT about the minority vote!

So as I deconstruct from yesterday I WILL try to help make phone calls for Hillary and all who read this should too. There is too much at stake!

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