Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Remember to Never Forget: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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It is now, as mind numbing as it is to believe, the 70th year of the world's staggering gift of inhumanity to humanity -- the Nazi Holocaust -- against, most particularly, the Jews of Europe and many others as well.

We are asked to remember and I do. I remember them every day I live -- when I look upon a blizzard from my nice warm home I think of them freezing to death in the camps which were asking them to concentrate; concentrate on what I ask; when it is blistering hot I think of them sweltering standing and/or working since the Auschwitz greeting said to its captives "Arbeit macht frei" (work makes you free) in heat until they dropped; when it is pouring rain I think of them drenched in rain's cold; when I cough I think of them dying from pneumonia or typhus with no one to help; when spring comes with its sun and the beauty of the Lilies of the field but the green of the earth betrays the dark horror that surrounds them; when free flying birds gather food to sustain their life but my people lie imprisoned in wooden bunks with their ribs showing before death's mercy frees them to relieve their suffering; I think of them as they march to the gas chambers; I think of the women as they march to the gas chambers with babies in their arms. I think of them -- the six million -- as if that number were fathomable and as if the 70 years ago were yesterday.

I think of them every day and I think of all the others who went to their deaths with them. Never again always had meaning for me and my hope is the rest of mankind will adopt that phrase, too, before the mendacious monstrosities of murder kill millions more.

Two minutes to midnight draws near as we reap the harvest of so many centuries' seeds of inhumanity we have sown. Remember and never forget.

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Intl Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today, January 27, marks 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz. For the past seven decades we have struggled to comprehend the horrors of the Holocaust and to understand its implications for all mankind.
Yad Vashem stands at the forefront of international efforts to educate future generations towards a better tomorrow, while never forgetting all that was lost.
Join us on International Holocaust Remembrance Day in our effort to create a promising future for the next generations.


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