Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why is this Holocaust different from all others?

In the Passover ritual sedar the youngest child asks the question "Why is this night different from all others." It is then that the retelling of the fabled Exodus story is told in answer to his question.

The Nazi Holocaust is no fable but I ask the a similar question. Why is this Holocaust different from all others?:

Yes, there can be no doubt the killing of innocents in all corners of
the globe is a monstrosity and should, as the Nuremberg trials dictate, be morally repugnant to all who call themselves human.

The killing of innocents, of course, goes on from the Boca Haram's murderous odyssey in Africa and beyond to ISIS, ISIL and yes, the crushing of the innocents in Gaza. I reject it all including Hamas's uncompromising position on the Jewish state. Further, I reject wholeheartedly and have said so in writing, Netanyahu's uncompromising ways, his insult to our president to speak before Congress without our president's knowledge. I call out injustice wherever it exists including all over the Middle East and the USA racism with its wars based on lies that are ruinous to millions.

Having said that, in the short time when Hitler assumed power in Germany in 1933 to the end of the war in Europe in 1945, I can safely, I think, say there has never been such a methodical, murder of 6 million human beings (IF we can even grasp that number) by an advanced country in Europe as the Nazi Final Solution unleashed. Beyond that it was predicated upon 2000 years of Jew hatred by mostly Christians as they indicated the Jew for the killing of their god.

So, while all barbaric killing everywhere must be in conscience decried there is a difference between other slaughters and the Holocaust against the Jew. It stands alone, in my opinion, in its monstrous barbarity within the continent of Europe including even in once Democratic France and in Britain. Few lifted fingers to save the Jew even within the US. Nothing yet can make me think otherwise. But having said that it is the reason that I must in good conscience come out against slaughter everywhere.

The Holocaust is unique in its gargantuan number, it happened in our time and it cannot be denied. I wish it were not so. I wish the Jewish people did not have to hold this nauseating record of man's inhumanity to man against them in particular. There was no exit card for the Jew because their DNA dictated their fate. Whether from the Crusades beginning in 300 A.D, to the Inquisition of Spain to the modernity of WWII Europe the Holocaust against the Jew was, is and will always be the world's longest hatred and most incompressible staggering barbarity perpetrated by so called "civilized" men on innocent millions. It is unique in the annals of man's utter bestial brutality to his fellow man.

May it, indeed, never happen again to anyone!

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