Friday, November 21, 2014

What Democrats need--Read and heed if you care about your country

I have written HUNDREDS of posts before the election.  I left no stone unturned and even got a list of Hispanic organizations urging them -- NO pleading with them and others -- to get out to gd vote.  We will keep getting these RepubliCONS until the cows come home.  They have the money and control it all including the media.  They have a lot of the courts (not all) and they won't confirm any of the president's court picks. 2014 is 2010 on steroids!  Those RepubliCON beasts sue the president at every turn.  How can anyone live with themselves and try to take HEALTHCARE, healthcare of all things away from those who cannot afford what those swine have themselves I will never know?

There are no words that can convey the detest I have for the Republicrat Party and if I could waive a magic wand I would get Democrats and Independent leaning Democrats OUT TO VOTE...that's the secret.  They must register to vote and do so.  By 2016 when Obama is not running will they remember what he has done for them now?  I don't know.  They better.  It is up to leadership and the grass roots to get out this Democratic vote.  Until Citizen's United can be repealed I am not really sure if anything will work and for that we need a Democratic president to nominate for the high court and a Democratic Senate to confirm. I am staying away from listening to any Republicon so I mute all the Republcon accusations against the president they make and any news about the rancid lawsuits they file.

This immigration action he did BETTER work for 2016.  With a Republican president, House and Senate then George Carlin's "American Dream" segment on YouTube will be absolutely true. I post it below.  George Carlin called it and got it right!  I post it again and yes, it has profanity because what Republicans are doing IS profane.  You can take it because it tells the truth.  Start now and sign up ALL Hispanics, persons of color, all minorities, women, the disabled, the elderly etc. to vote.  The Democratic tent is big and there should be NO reason to cede our nation to racists, wingnut extremists and their madness.  The Republicon Party is now comfortably home for neo Nazis and Eugenics (white supremacists), Birchers and Ku Klux Klaners. 

If you want a country that stands for something humane listen to George Carlin and KNOW he was right and then start now and DO something to make sure Republicons are crushed in 2016!  Forward this to anyone you choose.

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