Saturday, November 22, 2014

Malcolm X as it applies to the Ferguson violence

The Ferguson violence brings to my mind the quote of another era from a civil rights icon of the black community, Malcolm X.  I loved what he said on non violence the most in the era in which he said it. 

He gave a speech on non-violence and the struggles then of the African American community. He said blacks were non violent BUT they were NOT nonviolent with people who were violent to them.  What he said carried the strength as only Malcolm could utter the words then.  The Ferguson mainly white police should replay what he said on YouTube and think on it.  I post what he said below.

I got it then and I get it now.  Understood, that is the essence of the Ferguson violent protest issue and the essence of the black anger behind it!

The Democratic Party is the ONLY Party of diversity.  We must use now what we have and next time REGISTER TO VOTE and then DO SO.

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