Thursday, November 20, 2014

Major Networks Not Airing Obama's Immigration Speech--Damnable!

It is UTTERLY unacceptable, disrespectful and sickening that the major networks are not covering the president's important speech on immigration tonight. 

I propose ALL those rotten channels (CBS, NBC, ABC) that do not cover the president I would like to start a boycott of them.  Not only boycott those that insult our president kicking dirt in his face we need to boycott those sponsors that keep them in business.  It is after all a business decision I presume.  God forbid Americans KNOW anything important their government does instead of watching football.  SHAME ON ALL OF THEM.  Their programming STINKS anyway so its not hard at all for me to boycott them and their phony corporatist sponsors with them. 

One wonders, too, if their decision carries some racism to boot.  So get all your Hispanic, African American, and any other persons of color and whites who support a just cause you know to join the boycott. AND MOST ESPECIALLY GET REGISTERED AND  VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!  This white woman wants to give these major networks the gd BOOT.  SHAME on all of them that refuse to carry this important speech of our president and we in turn will NOT tune them in!

Send this to anyone you choose.

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