Saturday, November 08, 2014

"Olive Kittridge" -- A Must See

I attach below a link to the review from the Boston Globe by Matthew Gilbert of "Olive Kittridge."  He loved this film series on HBO as much as I did and describes its essence well.

For me, there have been few film series that approach this film's excellence. It is one of the most uniquely cast and expertly played works of art I have experienced. The performances were staggeringly riveting. Frances McDormand was made for this role and the rest of her supporting cast were magnificent. I did not want it to end and I surely will not describe the minutiae of it for fear I would give away its plot.

Brava to Frances McDormand acting in and producing a film made for her and Bravo to Richard Jenkins, with whom I fell in love. Three cheers to all the other actors who made this film series great.

This series brings the complexities of living to the screen. Life, as Olive says, confounds her as it does me sometimes as well. I'll bet most of us in our small worlds can say that too as life does not always live up to one's expectations of it and we are often trapped by those who first came into our lives through no fault of our own and visited upon us eternal nightmares from which we cannot escape. There were in this film wonderful performances all around. See it. It is a must.

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