Saturday, November 08, 2014

A Letter to my Fellow Democrat

A fellow Democrat in my locale wrote a lovely email to me about the 2014 election disaster.  I responded to her.

Yes, Elsa, people like you give me hope.  We need to do EXACTLY what Republicans WOULD do to us, hit them when there is proof below the belt.  We MUST turn hard even though Democrats are reticent at times to do that.  If someone is running for office and lies then it MUST be told over and over and over again especially by the Democrat who is running for office.

MSNBC I love especially Rachel and Larry O'Donnell BUT they are broadcasting to the choir.  Influential Democrats of whom we have many, too, MUST figure out a way to get these Republican bastards and pound the immoral things they do into the ground.  I am usually not like that and a forgiving person BUT politics just like Chris Christie said is NOT bean bag.  So let's give him and them a taste of NOT bean bag and pull on them what they Machiavellian pull on us.

Yes, I'm mad but I am scared even more than mad.  Sink or swim; live or die Republican way of governing kills a LOT of people and Republicans will be happy to see all of us die.  They do not care about any of us if they can fight health care which is working for soon 25 million more.  Health care, deny health care?  What would Jesus have said about that?  In their twisted way they could make a stupid case like they do about our vicious weather man made by the burning of fossil fuels and climate change induced.  No irrational religious myth will fix it only science can but Republicans are NOT about science just look at whom they put on the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee chair -- Oklahoma's Republican Senator Inhofe who just wrote a letter urging the EPA to withdraw its proposed new control requirements for petroleum refineries.  These are the brainless wonders with whom we must "get along."

The goal is to get that part of their base to see what Democrats say applies to them when they are not the 1%.  Somehow they just don't get it if they can elect by a wide margin those who created the rancid obstructionist Congress in the first place. It makes NO sense.  Republicans are NOT the ones to fix anything.  They will let government die on the vine and us with it while their corporate cronies who fund their campaigns and who McConnell and Boehner have fought for all their political lives reap billions more. Those 2/3rds of us who did not vote must see their own lives and their children's lives at stake and carted out to vote.

You and others who are young fight like hell as you say.  YOU and people like you are our biggest hope!

Best and with love to all my fellow local Democrats and in particular to Elsa my biggest supporter and positive reinforcement for the words I write! :-) 

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