Friday, November 07, 2014

In a Nutshell -- The Dance of Division

The base of the Democratic Party eschewing the president should NEVER EVER have abandoned him. No one should have walked away from him. His achievements have been many and some even wonderful in view of how intractable and insulting the opposition anti-patriot Republican Party was/is to him.

I am utterly devastated by what happened on Tuesday, 2014 because this is serious. Koch Brothers and other billionaire money control it all.Yes, my mind is consumed with things political. I try not to worry about it but there it is it's there and I cannot pretend to be someone I'm not. It's important very important because I do not have the billionaire money nor the type of morality it takes to think it doesn't matter. It does matter for people like I, so many others, and I would aver, for people like you too.

It is the money, of course, the base abandonment of the president, and an electorate who simply do not understand that the Republicans are the ones who brought us to the dance of division but they gave these Republican hijackers a significant 2014 victory anyway.

Red governors for the most part held onto their seats and I could give many examples like LePage, a total fascist blowhard, of Maine who is one. This is how entrenched they are as I am sure he got Koch brother money and other billionaire money, too, coupled with RNC money and, of course, dark money hidden from view. The Republican scheme goes on and on and on even in states which are in the economic red because of Republican governors but they re-elected these beasts anyway. The media too is corporately tied. They have it all even mayoralities, state houses, school boards, universities and many other lesser offices.

Worse than that, if it can be worse, are the courts: What happened in Kentucky with gay marriage? A federal court just said Kentucky along with other states like Michigan and Ohio can, if they want, make it illegal. So what does that mean? It means it will go to SCOTUS which will side with that court, I betcha, on 10th Amendment grounds that states can do anything the Constitution does not permit and the Constitution says nothing about marriage, naturally. There goes over 30 states that have it now which, in the near future, may not if the court decides, as it often does now, in civil rights cases against the aggrieved minority. States righters loved that argument for slavery and we fought a Civil War over it killing 600,000 that's how racist this nation is. SCOTUS already eradicated things achieved by the 1965 Civil Rights Act. They decimated the important part of it saying the nation is not racist anymore doncha know. Yeah right tell that to the voters who had to endure voter suppression last Tuesday and not vote because of it.

There you have it in a nutshell.  These unfeeling Republican and Tea Bag Cretans want to dismantle the federal government brick by hard won brick and leave the people defenseless against the climate change storms certain to come.  Lucky are those whose position in life means they do not have to worry about any of it but I, personally, do and I bet so do you!


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