Thursday, November 06, 2014

The Headline. Attention Must Be Paid

This is the Huffington Post headline today (scroll below my opinion and feast your eyes.) It reminded me of the German WWII promise of a Thousand Year Reich.  The content of these extremist know nothings' philosophy is nearly just as bad as any we have known.  They simply put on a more polished face from the tea bags that hung on their hats in 2010, waving their "Do Not Tread On Me" signs with loaded guns in tote to young clean faces who represent them looking better, younger, less crazy and have a person of color (not many) sprinkled in for effect.  In reality these Republicans are worse than any conservative Congress we have ever known ... MUCH worse and they are 87% white!

Unlike the 1000 year the Hitlerian Reich which lasted short of a dozen years these extremist Tea Bag groups actually might last a hundred years or more UNLESS progressives, Democrats, Independents and other humanitarian leaning persons and groups get their act together and fight like hell.  Then do what you must to VOTE! 2/3rds of voters sat this one out -- shameful!

Fight the gargantuan corporate money which controls EVERYTHING -- the Congress, the courts, the media, the print media, the state houses,
governors galore, local mayors, town councils, school boards, even colleges and, perhaps, soon, the Internet.  But they want the icing on the political cake -- the presidency.  In other words, these callous oligarchic 1% inhumane heaps of Orwellian uncaring humanity control most of it but want it all.  They and their Republican side car lackeys of hate do not give a damn about you!

How did this happen?  Easy answer:  MONEY and gobs of it made simple by the US Supreme Court Republican extremist five granting corporations unlimited cash access to power though its noxious Citizen's United decision. 

This mid term election rang up a total spent of about 4.7 BILLION yes, with a "B" bucks 2.7 BILLION of which was spent on the media onslaught.  This is the highest total ever spent on a mid-term election.  And it's often contributed in secret with dark money the donors of which you cannot see.  Even a foreign country can contribute if it wants.

Add to this toxic mix the gerrymandering of districts, the SUPPRESSION of the minority and other votes that usually go to Democrats plus people who pay no attention to politics or the history of it and worse do not vote and presto a right wing nationalist extremist party of hate and indifference to human suffering is born.

It cannot take place without you -- the 98%.  Attention must be paid!!  Here is the headline:


House GOP On Track For Largest Delegation Since Truman Administration... Even A Disgraced Incumbent Rep. Comes Out A Winner... 87% White Men... New Crop Of Right-Leaning Firebrands... Rough Road Ahead For Obama... White House Aide: GOP 'Crazies' Will Prevent Any Collaboration...

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