Saturday, May 31, 2014

The VA Scandal -- Republicans at Work -- Please Read!

We can all, I think, agree that the VA cooking its books, lying about patient waiting time, lying about VA treatment even possibly leading to some deaths across VA Hospital nation, is a nasty thing.  It is, perhaps, for those who perpetrated it, a criminal thing.

BUT it is NOT the President's the fault, or the fault of Democrats and it was NOT General Shinseki's fault either.  Republicans, though, especially on an issue that is as sensitive as what the nation does with those it sends off to war, will take this issue and albatross it around the president and Democrats up for election and re-election necks.  They will try to use it to their advantage to keep the House, take over the Senate and hope in 2016 they have a shot at the White House.  DO NOT LET THEM SUCCEED AT ANY TIME

THINK!   Think about what Republicons will do if an extremist right wing has real power.  They will gut the Affordable Health Care Act which is now working.  Millions have signed up for health care who would have had none before.  It is now saving lives.  They will try to privatize Social Security and Medicare to do away with programs that have saved the elderly, have given them an income in retirement and have paid for their medical care we ALL do and will need.  The young WILL need it too though they feel invincible now.  We know they are NOT as those who have reached senior years do so with ever increasing physical vulnerability.  This is nature's design whether we approve of it or not and it is a nation's responsibility to provide those hard fought for social safety nets for its people.  Technology has breathed new life into all of us but it has cost.  Medicare has saved my life, possibly your life and will save your children's lives and their children's lives.

The VA medical shortcomings happened MUCH before the Obama presidency and before most of Congress was even elected.  Generations of especially Republican presidencies took a nation to war in many cases based on lies, unethically, illegally and war criminally. THAT is why the VA is overwhelmed. 

Since Vietnam many who would have died on the battlefield do not.  Medical technology has gotten that good. BUT the walking wounded now need constant monitoring.  Artificial legs need replacement, orthopedic injuries need care, infections need control and mental onslaughts must not be ignored and now cannot be ignored by the VA. 

That means hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of new veterans physically and mentally traumatized need and will need treatment hence the delay.  The system was not equipped nor designed to handle it all.  The administrations that took us to war counted on soldiers not living through devastating injuries that would cost government billions as soldiers survived.

Do NOT let Republicans hang this problem around Democratic necks because you will get Republican control that will send your children to more war not less and tax the VA system until it breaks.  They will convince you it should be privatized.  We saw in Iraq what happened when systems were privatized.  They did abysmally, wasted taxpayer money and had NO accountability to anyone.  The private firms and cronies of those that took us to war made billions.

SO THINK before you ever contemplating pulling a Republican lever.  They will give you the illusion they are all about patriotic you.  They are NOT.  They are about the 1% richest and if that costs lives in the process they do not care. You, your children and their children will suffer and these charlatan Republicans will NOT give a rat's petuti about it.

The VA scandal will be used as a Republicon ruse like they have used every other non scandal scandal against the president.  This time a nerve could be struck because it is about our veterans but it is really Republicans at work!

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