Thursday, May 29, 2014

Traitor or Patriot?: The Interview of Edward Snowden

The interview of Snowden by NBC Brian Williams is here and below.

The Snowden interview conducted by NBC's Brian Williams was fascinating.  I see, cogently, Snowden's point of view BUT -- and it is a big BUT --  we are not in a Revolutionary War 18th century milieu or even in a 19th century era.  We are in a 21st century nuclear age.  The threat to our nation, our security and our lives is, I believe, enormous no matter the US historical malodorous foreign policy rationales for it.  I wish Brian Williams could have discussed that. 

If Russia or China are as sophisticated as Snowden says they are would not they do they all they could to get information to use against us? How fast does one think one Russia or China or even worse a terrorist, who thinks he is commanded by God to kill the "godless" with the help of a terrorist state, would use a nuclear device on this nation?

I think Snowden did not think out well the enormity of what he did though his arguments are extraordinarily cogent.  I do not think he is a patriot nor do I think he is a traitor. I think he is misguided and did not think well enough about the existential threat to our nation now since 9/11 irrespective of the NSA documents he appropriated. 

If he could give up his life for a principle that is his prerogative but he does not speak for me.  I want to live and feel, despite NSA and other extensive surveillance, as free as I did during the Eisenhower years.

I would never do or even think of doing what he did although I am as much a civil liberties lover as he.  If, yes, God forbid, a nuclear device is used against this nation our Constitution, sacred as it is, will simply be a piece of paper and we will all be gone. Excuse me, Mr. Snowden, I do not want to die like that!

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