Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Someone to Help! Vote for 5th District Democrat Katherine Clark, today Dec. 10, 2013-PLEASE READ

Please exercise the MOST IMPORTANT path to power you will ever have, your right to vote.  Why vote for the Democrat?  Because for most of you the part of the economic ladder you occupy is the great MIDDLE CLASS.  Democrats, although not perfect, represent the interests of us, the 99%.  The other party represents the millionaires and billionaires, the 1%, and would keep us stagnated in the economic malaise brought to us in 2007. DO NOT LET THEM DO THAT.  It is why it is so important to not only vote today, Dec. 10, in the Massachusetts 5th but to vote for Democrats EVERYWHERE and AT ANYTIME you can.

Our American Dream is, as you know, teetering.  The opposition wants to put more money into the hands of the 1% they think are "job creators."  The economic wealth scale favors this 1% and wealth is more unequally distributed than at any time in US history.  If the 1% are the job creators  then where are the jobs and why are they not coming faster since they have a majority of the wealth? Because our president and the Democratic Party have been obstructed at every turn. Why?  Because the Republican Party wants it all.  They want EVERYTHING you have. They are NOT the job creators but they ARE the wealth -- YOUR wealth -- stealers.  

The job creators are most of YOU -- the great middle class.  You, the small business person of Main Street and YOU by your spending, IF you had the money to spend, ARE the real job creators.  

The national minimum wage of $7.25, nearly the same as the 1960's, is INSANELY low do NOT look to republicans to fix that.  They won't but Democrats WILL and money will be pumped into the economy because of it and THAT WILL create jobs.

It is MORE important than ever to vote for Democrats here and ACROSS the nation as it is important today for the Massachusetts 5th to Vote for Katherine Clark the Democrat to replace in the House the great now Senator Ed Markey.  

Republicans will bring you back to another era when people died because they had NO ONE to help. Government CAN work to help as it did after the Great Depression.  It has helped in part too after the 2007 Great Recession but not enough because Republicans OBSTRUCT us at every turn.  Remember that when you vote!

Today, December 10 in the Massachusetts 5th it is more important than EVER to vote for the Democrat Katherine Clark for the Congressional House of Representatives. All of our lives depend upon crushing Republicans in 2014 and then in 2016.  Only YOU can make sure we do!  Pass this to everyone you know.

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