Saturday, December 07, 2013


This reminder below was sent to me.  Please pass this on to everyone you know because in the larger sense it applies to them too even if they are not in the Mass. 5th District!    For those of you on my list to whom this applies PLEASE take note and PLEASE remember to vote on Tuesday, December 10th for the Democrat, Katherine Clark for Congressional House representative from the 5th District of Massachusetts.  

This is a special election to fill Ed Markey's seat.  This is IMPORTANT in our quest not ONLY in Massachusetts but all over the nation in 2014 to throw Tea Bag and other Republicans out who have SO malevolently obstructed this president in unprecedented innumerable ways.  The jobs figures that just came out are MUCH improved.  Just think what could have been done if the president had had the help of all in Congress. Our economy would have improved even faster than it has and WE would be reaping the benefits with real JOBS!

The president surely did not get ANY Republican help. He got OBSTRUCTION and useless delays. The Republicans in nearly treasonous fashion wanted our president and the nation to FAIL.  Republicans are NOT patriots!  It is a miracle the economy has rebounded from the Great Recession as well as it has.  So LET'S, FOR OUR PRESIDENT'S LAST TWO YEARS, GET HIM AND US SOME HELP.  VOTE DEMOCRATIC BLUE TO PULL, IN FDR STYLE, THE NATION COMPLETELY OUT OF THE ECONOMIC QUICK SAND IT WAS IN and for which the president was elected TWICE to do!

Please pass this on:  We need YOUR help to remind everyone to vote on Tuesday, December 10, 2013. It is incredible to realize how few people know about this most important election. Email all your contacts to remind them to vote. Call your friends, neighbors, and relatives.

The Katherine Clark campaign office at 303 Worcester Rd will be open all day Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, until at least 8pm daily. You can knock on doors, make calls, or get instructions for using the predictive dialing system in the office or at home. Hope to see you there!

Contact Tim Depin, Regional Field Director, Katherine Clark for Congress, for questions, 508-364-9114 or

If you need more motivation to get people out to vote, go to to see the 3 parts of the recent NECN debate.

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