Cartoon villain
Remember that fake health insurance web sitethe California GOP created, the one they're sending their constituents to with helpful mailers about health insurance? The one that is nothing but "links to negative articles and twisted messages intended to sour people on signing up for health insurance before they ever land at the official health exchange site"?
Well, the California GOP is just pleased as punch with themselves, unrepentant in their defense of the trickery.
Sabrina Demayo Lockhart, communications director for the Assembly GOP Caucus, told ABC News that the goal of the site was informational. “It’s a complex law, and we wanted to make sure our constituents had the tools to understand what this law meant for them.” [...]
Critics say the GOP site only highlights the costs and penalties of the Affordable Care Act and ignores its potential benefits. Sections in question include an interactive calculator that totals the tax penalties Californians may incur if they don’t register for insurance, as well as the “Young Adults” section, which states:
“The Affordable Care Act requires young adults to pay higher premiums for health insurance because the law prohibits insurers from denying coverage to sicker individuals because of pre-existing conditions and limits what they can charge to older or sicker policy holders.  This will mean that young adults will pay higher premiums even though they are generally healthier and do not visit the doctor as often.”
Right. It's just information. About how young people are being ripped off so that the moochers and sick old people can have more. And they're proud of it. What Hunter saidRepublicans are horrible people.