Friday, December 06, 2013

Mourning Mandela

As I sat and watched Fox Faux news wax effusive praise on the great Nelson Mandela I thought what hypocrites Faux News and all their minions are. In life the rightwingnuts despised and labeled Mandela a terrorist as the right wing "conservative" "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher did. These are the very people who loathed Mandela in life but now pretend to mourn him in death. I watched Fox News report his death, became nauseated by the sheer hypocrisy of it all and changed the channel fast.

Who are these wingnut extremist liars kidding? In Republican Tea Party homes everywhere they are, I am sure, either thrilled or could not care less to learn about Mandela's demise. The Republican hierarchy, to which the Republican Tea Baggers pay homage, sit and plan before Mandela's body morphs cold, to sabotage the minority vote in this country, repeal sorely needed heath care for millions, and wage war on women while, they, if you can believe it, convene Republican groups to figure out how to "talk to women." Lincoln, whom the Republicans, to my sheer incredulity, tout as their own, would be sickened by Republican attempts at voter suppression. Mandela and King were advocates for the opposite of what Republicans in this country want.

Mandela, King and Lincoln, heroes among men, would NEVER accept Republican suppression of the minority vote they fought so hard against in their time. Nor would Mandela and King accept austerity, heath care vouchers, the 1% winners take all Ayn Randian cruelty or any of the Republican policy war on woman, hatred of immigrants, gays and other minorities.

The moral of this story is Republican reactionary hypocrites and liars are simply deplorable people infused with hate and desirous of the white power the “good ole days” bestowed upon white people only in a for whites only White House! Mourning Mandela in this country means Democrats, while not perfect, MUST in 2014 assume power in the states and on the federal level where they do not have it now. Further, in 2016 they must assume, in perpetuity, the presidency.

Mandela and King said to turn the other cheek, compromise with and love your enemies but they did not pose we sign a suicide pact with the devil.

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