Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Congrats to Democratic Representative Clark!! I was nearly sure Katherine Clark would win BUT one never knows in politics and the turnout was naturally light for December in the cold and snow.  Kudos to all who helped her achieve this important victory and KEEP MASSACHUSETTS ALL BLUE!!

Now the work really begins to turn state houses ALL over the nation blue, governor's offices blueand MOST importantly Democrats need to TAKE BACK the majority in the House.

Make no mistake the so called bipartisan budget deal that Ryan in part is taking credit for is done because Republicons know that if they shut the government down yet again they WILL pay for it in November.  Well, I say they should pay for it in November no matter what!! 

If God forbid Republicans take power again YOUR Social Security, YOUR Medicare, YOUR Affordable Healthcare Act and YOUR entire social safety net will get the ax and the 1% WILL take more wealth as if they needed any more.  Republicans are NO one's friend but the 1% wealthiest in the nation.  They want to keep the distribution of wealth the most unequal it has ever been in the history of the nation and thereby keep the nation from extricating itself from the Great Recession Republican's over 30 years ago began.

VOTE DEMOCRATIC blue whenever you can and save us from Republican rule.

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