Friday, December 13, 2013

Grim Fairy Tales

I urge readers to read the NYT editorial entitled "Finally the Volcker Rule" below.  Just like Newtown it seems, God forbid, the ONLY way to thwart the forces aligning against us is to have another great catastrophe, Great Recession OR worse another Great Depression. The country simply, like Hamlet, cannot act when it should. We can only hope it will act on the Volcker rule now.

It seems the nation cannot act UNLESS and until catastrophe has shown its ugly face in the moment and, oh yes, this applies to climate change as well. Why is this so? Easy one word: money. It's all about the money and its Washington influence in Congress as it has been since the beginning. One might argue that in the developed world it was all about the money as well. That may be true but at least the rest of the developed world (NOT including the US) learns something, believes history's lessons and can change course when experts deem it necessary.

When will this country ever learn to trust those in the know whether about guns, Krugmanesque economists who predict correctly the truth about the boom and busts of the economy and what to do about it or the scientists who have been screaming climate change for a decade or more?

But no, our country goes with the right wing tooth fairy believers and science deniers who think Jesus with God at his side will come down on a magic chariot and lift all those who believe as they do to heaven. What proof of that is there? Answer: NONE. It is a Grim fairy tale -- emphasis on the grim -- but it makes a kid feel oh so much better. Unfortunately it will kill us all.

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