Friday, September 06, 2013

Worry--An Address to the Nation

A question is now posed: Should the president address the nation to explain his position advocacy for the targeted bombing of Syria?

I am not sure if a formal address to the nation from the oval will help the president advocate for yet another bombing which he thinks is so necessary.  However, I think if the president has a shred of hope for the authorization he is seeking it is something he will have to do.  I have been an Obama supporter during his campaign before his first win in 2008.  After the 2008 win I thought then I had died and gone to heaven. I never felt so joyous and so hopeful about things political in this nation since that time.

The president since then has been besieged with racist hate and critiques so piercing I do not know how he manages to get through each day.  Perhaps, in his heart he knows there are the many who love and elected him.  I never thought that the Republicans with their utterly racist and hate-filled faction of Tea Baggers would ever wield the successfully obstructionist toxic power that they do.  Hate is a powerful emotion maybe even stronger than love and it is that which has fueled the impossible situation in which the president has found himself since the 2010 mid-terms when he failed that summer to push and explain his health care bill.  Without the rancid 2010 election turning things political for him on their head with the Republican takeover of the obstructionist House he would be in a much more powerful position now, the nation would not be facing yet another debt ceiling crisis that is so world threatening.  Many other issues such as immigration, the economy with jobs, infrastructure repair, would have begun and even climate change would have been addressed.  Alas, it was not to be.

I was, however, shocked at his request of a Syria strike.  There have been things the president has done that I had to look the other way but this policy advocacy of the targeted bombing of Syria’s chemical weapons took me by surprise.  No one, not God himself if he appeared on earth, could rectify the massive war chaos of that region.  Why the president would want to immerse this war weary, broke-from-war nation in yet another maybe the worst of all the Middle East civil wars I have no idea. Why he thinks we would not be stuck yet again in a worse dilemma than the 12 years prior Middle East wars have presented I do not know either.  Moreover, I do not know why he would want to risk his ability to get any other thing done with a Congress full of Republican haters who want nothing more than to see him fail even if it will mean failure of the nation.

I feel for you, Mr. President, I really do. I am a white Jewish woman who has loved you through it all. This is the first time I publicly post that your position on Syria cannot and I hope will not happen. What will happen AFTER that vote in this cauldron of insanity called the Middle East and this cauldron of chaos called Congress I do not know.  I hoped for the reversal of this toxic trend and for the Democrats to retake the House.  I stagger to think what will happen if the haters suppress the vote in 2014 and subsequently win.  I worry for us all.

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