Thursday, September 05, 2013

My Prediction

This ratchet up bombing Syria which will kill people to prevent chemical weapons from killing people is lunacy. As Larry O'Donnell said last evening what is the difference if 100,000 people die by conventional means being blown into pieces or by chemical weapons.

Weapons were made illegal by the world community after 1917. WHY? NOT NOT for humanitarian reasons but because in trench warfare which WWI was gas blows back and hits your own. THIS IS NOT a humanitarian issue. It is a military industrial complex issue with BIG defense industry bucks on the line.

Prediction: It will pass the Senate and lose in the House. This is a bad calculation and fraught with overwhelming risk. This is about lobbyists and it is about money. This Fiddler on the Roof risk would if passed NOT end well. Period end of story.

NB: First time I have publicly broken with the president because the other side Republicans are SO heinous, evil, racist and sickening!

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