Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A Fig Leaf -- Truth or Consequences

The potential bombing of yet another Middle Eastern state, Syria, as "punishment" for Syria's alleged use of the chemical weapon Sarin on its own people is so serious and potentially so catastrophic for the region, the west and for the US that I must at least pose some questions that need to be asked and answers should be demanded of those in power. Write your congresspersons to find out the truth:

1. Is it absolutely true that Assad is the ONLY one who could have perpetrated such a chemical attack on his own people including children since Syria is flooded with dozens of different groups fighting for different reasons? Could any of them have possessed any capacity to launch a chemical attack?

2. What is the end game? What will happen if US bombs are sent to get at Assad's stockpiles, IF we even know where all of them are, and they retaliate or they simply soak up the attack?

3. What other groups will go into the fog of war chaos in Syria as there are an abundance of competing groups there now including Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and others and will those groups be a threat to the interests of the US, the west, Israel or Palestinians around Israel and, indeed to the entire region?

4. Has the US or any of its allies used any chemical weapons at any time on its own enemies creating collateral damage including depleted uranium, white phosphorus, and napalm? Has it at any time used the conventional weaponry of cluster bombs killing many innocents?

5. The most important question of all raised I am told was iterated by a respected journalist is who will monetarily benefit? Could this strike have anything to do with the toppling of Assad because of the natural gas and oil reserves that are found in Syria and the reasons the Russians are allied with it?

6. Lastly how much will this cost a US nation whose infrastructure is crumbling, whose forests are burning, whose towns are flooding, whose towns/cities have felt nature's wrath of manmade global climate change, whose cities are going bankrupt and votes suppressed corrupted by the gerrymandering of state power by a plethora of mostly Republican unethical Cretans?

100,000 deaths and 2 million refugees are already the result of the brutal Syrian civil war. To attack Syria again even to get at chemicals may do more harm than good.

These are important questions to ask before one drop of blood is shed or one penny more is spent for a Trojan horse admittedly horrifying fig leaf - the gassing of innocents. We must know the absolute truth because the consequences are so grave if we do not!

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