Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Ask the Questions--Blow Back

I am the most ardent of Dems. and work for ALL Democrats.

I want to know 150% correctly and with the DETAILS of positive proof that Syria's Assad is the one or those close to him who ordered the Sarin attack. I want to know that we are NOT repeating Iraq and that there IS proof unlike Powell's UN lies -- PROOF ... DETAILED PROOF. 

My fear is that this nation will be helping rebels who MAY I say MAY have sent the chem bombs as there is some evidence they had them supplied by other nation(s). The rebels are composed of Al Qaeda and god know how many other rancid groups who would with 100% surety do harm to this nation and send deadly weapons into their hands. THAT is what I want to know -- DETAILS. Declassify the darn so called classified PROOF. If there is PROOF why should it be classified? I WANT TO KNOW WHO IN NEAR PERFECT CERTAINTY IS EXPLODING THESE WEAPONS.

A note on Sarin and other deadly gasses --- weapons like that were banned after WWI. Why? NOT NOT for humanitarian reasons. There is NO humanity in war. It was because those chemical gasses BLOW BACK onto even the troops using them. Wind blows them back. Same with nuclear. For those Cretans that say we should nuke em. NUKE EM?? and what happens when radiation blows back and spreads everywhere even to our own people.THERE IS NO WINNING WITH CHEMICAL OR RADIOLOGICAL WMD war BECAUSE IT DOES NOT ONLY KILL ONE'S ENEMY IT KILLS the ones using them. 

How darn important is this latest windfall for the military industrial complex crowd? A friend of mine said his military stock soared!!

Howard Zinn: Whenever governments want to commit you to war ask two questions: WHY and WHO BENEFITS and PROFITS!


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