Friday, August 30, 2013

My Exploding Head--Syria in the Crosshairs

The president, whom I have loved and fervently supported, I believe is in error, while the world waits on edge until he decides, to solo strike Syria.  Iran, in a rare clear message admitted the Middle East is a tinderbox ready to blow sky high if a western nation dare strike in this region yet again. Iraq's ghost never dies.  A strike, especially a solo strike, should be out of the question. How can the president, this president, who as a senator so roundly criticized the bombing of Iraq, decide not only to use the Bush doctrine of unilateral war against a nation which did nothing to us but he will, if the reporting is correct, do this alone without consult if necessary?

The rationale of humanitarian principles for war is nearly always a Trojan Horse to militarily involve. It works because the American people are sold nationalistic poppycock untrue and realistically ridiculous rationales for its entry into war.  Our enemies never hated us for our freedom.  They hated us because as a western nation we have interfered for decades in the Islamic world and they resent it.   Has all of US post WWII foreign policy been simply misplaced idealism or rather misplaced and ruinous Machiavellian empire building?  I suspect it is the latter.

Powers in our age spend blood and oodles of cash because invasions of these Middle Eastern nation states are  about the balance of power in that region, money, oil and it may be, in this case, to make sure those chemical weapons used by someone in Syria (not sure who) stop at Syria's door and are never used especially to attack the west. We worry about that.

All I ask is that the president tell the darn truth and stop throwing mythologies around that our sensibilities are so hurt when we see Syria gassing its own people. Saddam Hussein, of Iraq fame lest one forget, did the same thing.  The US said and did nothing because Hussein at the time was fighting Iran, our enemy. Further, Syria has recently gassed its own people 14 other times with albeit a lesser amount of carnage.  Double moreover, it is alleged that the US used white phosphorous, a brutal chemical weapon, in Faluja, Iraq and absolutely used Napalm and Agent Orange in Vietnam. So come on here let's use our brain. We or any nation state rarely kill for humanitarian reasons.  We kill for reasons of money, power, and hegemonic advantage limiting our enemies' influence and aggrandizing our own.  It is for those reasons that we send our young blood and enormous treasure around the planet.  That is what empire builders do after all but is this impending strike on Syria worth it?

Mr. President, I love you BUT what are the real reasons for solo bombing Syria? What is your purpose or fear? I truly believe this president is deadly serious about protecting this country from another 9/11 attack or worse on his watch.  In view of that if the reason to bomb Syria is to degrade its chemical weaponry to protect the west from it and at the same time diminish Iranian power then tell us the truth.  I can take the truth.  It's the lies and hypocrisy that make my head explode.

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