Saturday, September 07, 2013

Hegemonic Maintenance

Yet, again Mr. Charles Blow, a NYT editorialist in his opinion "Remembering All the Children" link here or below presents a very cogent and well written opinion remembering all the children killed each day all over the world including in our own country. I could not agree more. Moreover, I would go one place further and say that our 12 year wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and drone strikes in numbers of other Middle East countries kill many times over those who suffered the dastardly 9/11 attack. This country has killed thousands many of whom are women and children while creating millions of refugees and the US has successfully destabilized this tinderbox so we could what? Save it? Bombs do not discriminate. Collateral damage is everywhere. What could possibly go wrong with yet another shock and awe bombing this time in Syria? Further, I ask Mr. Blow to reflect on American foreign policy in general post WWII. War and unnecessary slaughter is a part of the American sinew.

Beyond that who can really say with 100% surety that the chem. attacks were at the hands of Assad as I have read rebels albeit crudely are provided with chem weapons of their own.
The sanctimonious reaction of this nation in view of its utterly bombastic history is hypocrisy of the the worst order. It is testament to the fact that not only is history written by the winners the press is complicit in the regurgitation of a mythical US that has never existed since the beginning of its history nor does it exist today. Our nation is nearly always in a state of perpetual war, constant and unabating just waiting for the next fig leaf of our humanitarian rationales and lies to strike our killing blows yet again in hegemonic maintenance.

World War III this time anyone? Say NO to the Syrian attack and YES to improving this nation's devastating problems. Say yes to the defeat and utter electoral annihilation of the Republican Tea Bag movement without which this nation would be well on its way to recovery since Republicans brought us to the economic abyss.

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