Saturday, September 14, 2013

From our mouths into God's ears -- WE HAVE A DEAL!!!!

On this day when I first clicked onto the news from MSNBC and Huffington Post the headlines are below in BIG letters. I have not read the entire articles as I have just awoken but the headlines themselves sent a chill up my spine. Can I be so deliriously happy that we averted a major proliferation of war with a possibility of, if the major powers were involved, a nuclear war? I do not know but it's possible this is one of the greatest achievements in that violent Middle East neck of the woods.

I'd like to believe those in this country who said NO to war in profound numbers, those who called Washington, who wrote Washington, including this writer, prevailed. Maybe it is an abundance of things that fell into place--yes not only from the president and John Kerry but from Russia's Vladimir Putin as well.

Many good things could come of this. It says to me and I hope to many that negotiated settlements are possible even if the belligerents are the most intractable. Maybe this could lead, if in fact there is a solid deal, to more seemingly impossible situations resolved ... maybe.

This Yom Kippur day, the most solemn day for those Jews that observe it and even for ones who do not, perhaps our plaintive wail and our fervent hope between people who often had no hope can prevail. That is what I pray for on this day not for personal good luck but for ALL people to see with clarity that which unites us and not which divides us. As John Lennon wrote: "Give Peace a Chance" or as Jews say during this time of reflection L' shana tova -- A happy (and peaceful) new year and as my mother used to say "From your mouth into God's ears."

I paste the stories herehere and below.

and on Huffington: We Have a Deal

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