Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Plea for Caution From Russia What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria--I urge you to read this amazing piece

I paste here and below Vladimir Putin's letter to the American people in the Op Ed section of the New York Times.  I would say that it is amazing. I cannot wait to hear the talking heads tomorrow. Mr. Putin has a lot for which to answer as well but I believe the article is quite right. He must have been listening to Prof. Noam Chomsky on Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now" here or below one the most excellent commercial free news broadcasts on television today IF one can get it. 

Prof. Chomsky outlines a list over the last 70 years that makes the US exceptional all right -- exceptionally violent and lawless! And in my opinion it has been and is getting worse judging by the gun lobby's successful attempt to recall two state senators for wanting a small amount of gun legislation. I aver violence is in our body politic. It is the sinew in our tissues and the marrow is in our bones.  It is the wild west times 10 and it is to our detriment.

The news we get is tainted by the corporate structures that own most all of the stations even MSNBC which is the best, in my opinion, of a not so great lot. Local news is entirely fluff and the national news is well 15 minutes of pabulum. Naturally, the powers that own the nation to not want a well read questioning public. They want a stupid public that watches game shows, reality TV or sports and goes along with anything the powers that be want because most question nothing. Mr. Putin is quite correct to my sadness as it is not how I remember this nation as a child. I love my country but I think it can do better.  It not only can do better it must do better if we are all to survive on this planet together.

This nation along with Russia and others kept Nazi jackboots off our necks. I do not like all of Mr. Putin's policy but I will tell it like it is when I think he is speaking the truth.  And this time I think he is spot on correct!

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