Monday, September 16, 2013

The Telling Typhoon--the TRUTH of science. It behooves you to read this

This story below -- a typhoon (hurricane of the Pacific) -- is one of epic proportions and should be the lead story on every news broadcast in the world. It is yet another HUGE disaster in Japan, an already extremely compromised nation because of the Fukshima nuclear power plant explosion from the tsunami before it leaking thousands of gallons of radioactive water into the ocean. It is now affecting our shores and will affect us even more if the transparency of its horror is not shown to the people that will suffer from it -- ALL of us!

Nuclear power is unsafe at any speed and should be dead on arrival as an alternative to fossil fuels.  It cannot be made safe ESPECIALLY in our climate changed world.  Nuclear power is potentially just as destructive as fossil fuels if not more IF that is possible.
Waxing redundant the Japanese Fukishima nuclear power plant suffered one of the WORST nuclear power disasters this planet has ever seen if not THE worst. Ahuge typhoon now that is hitting Japan is seemingly catastrophic. IF the lamebrain know nothings who REFUSE to see the climate change handwriting on the wall then they are truly brain deadThe Colorado epic flood, too, is yet another nearly daily reminder that climate change is here and happening faster than anyone thought it would!  

What will it take for the religious right wingnuts to believe what science is telling them smacking all of us right in the face with its truth?!

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