Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Under the Dump -- "Under the Dome" -- a Review

I usually appreciate Stephen King for his profundities even if it is
through his very macabre dark imagination. Not having read the book,
"Under the Dome" it is, in my opinion, the worst of his adaptations --
"Misery" with Kathy Bates being the best. 

I Season Passed this series through my cable provider but yesterday
after watching six or so episodes I erased it from my list. It was to
me boring. I tired of the characters and the side plots, thought the
acting mediocre and have frankly seen much better. I kept saying alright
already what the heck is the Dome anyway and what's with the baby dome
as it perpetually made me want to finally find out what the heck it was
after watching many episodes with boring repetitive character side
plots complete with a young pretty woman (naturally) alone chained to a bed in a bomb shelter as water poured in. I kept wondering just where did that
woman do her human excretory functions chained to a bed with no
bathroom in sight. I think about these things as the situational
realism of these plots strained belief. Moreover, how this battered
woman survived I do not know as she is not only chained to a bed but
knocked out, hitting her head hard falling on a hard floor. She makes
real the concept of the battered woman!

"Under the Dome" in my opinion COULD have been good. I thought it was
going to be a "Lord of the Flies" type dystopia but alas it never reach
that intellectual depth so in an instant by the miracle of technology I
erased it from MY universe. A good concept I thought gone terribly
terribly boring, ridiculous and wrong! It should be renamed "Under the Dump."  I just found out there is
another season to this madness -- count me out!

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