Monday, August 19, 2013

NUTS—the Folly of Religious Myth

Again and again our Founding Fathers, men of the 18th century Enlightenment, reign supreme. The Separation Clause of the US Constitution is perhaps the most marvelous among many marvels of their constructive genius. Religion and democratic politics do NOT mix. Religion is an oxymoron to things democratically political because it severely punishes those who actually use their big brain to think and question the truth of its tenets. Using one's brain to question gives homo sapiens (man) the advantage over other species. Critiquing religion especially orthodoxies and fundamentalist faiths is necessary for positive growth and a must to overthrow those myths, superstitions and scientifically impossible-to-prove beliefs to advance the civilized world.

Nations that allow their people the freedom to question evolve to a higher technological state and will win the survival-of-the-fittest game. Those nations which are religious states in extremis devolve because of erroneous and untrue myth that obviates science and slows or even halts progressive change. Changing fanatical belief carries with it the death penalty. The science deniers are technologically and misogynistcally backwards. Often the masses are poverty stricken as religious leaders take the monetary contributions of their flock and live like kings.

Science rules and always has. If one could time machine backwards and study the so called "miracles" of various gods or demigods, one would find either those miracles never occurred or were figments of some very imaginative minds to placate those who must endure the hardships of life, its illnesses and, ultimately, for all of us, the surety of life's inevitable end.

If seemingly phenomenal events did happen one would probably discover rational reasons behind the occurrences. Nothing that exists can do so and go against scientific laws of the physical universe.

No matter how good those religious myths make us feel about life's onslaughts, it does not make those beliefs true.  Worse, differences in people's belief systems mean constant conflict and war about those beliefs which beliefs will remain forever unprovable. No one can win those wars. In other words, wars over religion will be eternal, hazardous to one’s health and just plain self-destructively NUTS!

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