Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The impending Sup. Ct. Travesty -- the overturning of Section 5 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act

I cannot believe that those DESPICABLE conservative sick justices on the Sup. Ct. and what that JERK Scalia said.  He called the 1965 Voting Rights Act -- "racial ENTITLEMENT."   He is a SLOB and Thomas who benefited from all the liberal actions that made life better for African Americans and others is already on record as saying it is unconstitutional!!!!  He gives new meaning to the name Uncle Tom.  Roberts too said something like "things have changed in the south"  with what the RepublicRAT Party of racist bullshit [sorry, I'm angry] has done during the 2012 elections and with what they pulled to have the Sup Ct of conservative five MORONS overturn that law is a travesty.

I remember well the days and the deaths of the civil rights activists Goodman, Cheney and  Schwerner.  We fought hard and walked with our African brothers and sisters to erase discrimination from the face of this country.  

What seems to be coming down will be one of the most DISGUSTING DASTARDLY decisions this rancid court will make IF they deem the Act unconstitutional   It appears although I do not know for sure that they will turn the clock backward and do just that. 

Jesse Jackson said it does not matter what they do as we will FIGHT discrimination as we always did in the days of civil rights action.  This should NOT be over with a bad decision.   African Americans and those who stand with them should DEMAND that their right to vote be protected.

I HOPE African Americans and we who support everyone's quest for equality let the Sup. Ct. know in no uncertain terms and by any means legally necessary that declaring the 1965 Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional when many congresses have reinstated it and so much blood has been spilled over it is UNACCEPTABLE!

Republican leadership MUST be thrown out in the 2014 elections in both the state and the federal legislatures and return this nation to a fair and democratic nation that we can be proud of again.   ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Oh yes, by the way, if you are from Mass. elect Ed Markey as our next senator from Massachusetts.

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