Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To Serve Man -- Sequester the Republican Party

Our nation changed November, 2010.  The Congress passed the president’s landmark health care legislation and the Republican Party took over the argument infiltrating town halls, stirring up the white rage of racial animus and feigning economic reasons for it.  Those Republican economic policies favor the top 2% but those that formed the new Tea Party Republicans did not and do not, still, understand.  This rage won them in 2010 the House majority.  Although recently the 2012 re-election of the president brought more Democrats to the table in the Senate keeping the majority and even collectively winning more votes than the Republican Party in the House, gerrymandering districts in the House allowed this Republican Party and its vicious minions to continue to control and obstruct it.  Imagine, the Democrats control two bodies of a three tiered government and the nation STILL catapults from economic crises to economic crises like a skier tumbling down a hill. 
Republicans, through the Frankenstein Tea Party they created, fed racist hatred already embedded in too many of the white body politic against our first African American president.  I believed they perceived it was time to mount a previously thought insurmountable task of defeating this president.  The Tea Party rose up with their ugly signs spewing the angry rhetoric of race hatred, a sentiment which lies deep in the American sinew and like an inoperable cancer it could kill a country.  Republicans cannot now defeat the president electorally, of course, but they can defeat his historical legacy and they think when economic conditions return this nation to recession through Republican obstructionism it will in 2014 allow them to take it all no matter the cost to the nation.  Cancer, the emperor of all maladies, (the title of Siddhartha Mukherjee’s great book) could and WILL kill Republicans too.
Tea Baggers want austerity to end our deficit.  They want the nation to cut its spending on some of the most important functions that government provides and ones which the majority of people love such as airport security, clean water, clean air, roads, bridges, education, homeland security, and medical research to name a very few.  They think like a household one does not spend more money when one is in debt.  They do not know whether through their own ignorance or because of their persuasive masters’ mendacious arguments that their own lives, their children's lives, and generations after them, IF they exist, will depend on these programs too and that a country is NOT like a household.
IMPORTANTLY a nation does NOT thrive under austerity.  It dies.  It thrives when the nation creates jobs sometimes through government and its stimulus when needed.  We need only to look at Greece, Italy and much of Europe to see why austerity in a depressed economy makes that economy worse.  Many will succumb, including the families of Tea Bag Republicans, to the poverty and decay that austerity cuts will bring.
This is a tragedy because it does NOT have to happen.   When sequester cuts happen, if Congressional agreement does not evolve, they will NOT be for the faint (yes that is the correct word) of heart. The Tea Baggers do NOT realize it is they who WILL suffer as they are NOT a part of the economic top 2%. Those in the middle class and those who are poor will, of course, suffer the most.  Austerity, in truth, helps no one. Republican Speaker Boehner knows it but cannot seize control of the know-nothing part of his Republican Party that thinks a postage stamp size for government is a good idea.  Politics is after all about power and Boehner does NOT want to lose it even at the expense of the nation.

The massive greed of Wall Street led to the Great Recession and the spending on trumped up non-funded wars led to the deficit about which the Republicans say they care so much.  George Bush put two wars on a Chinese credit card and THAT is responsible for a large part of our deficit about which deficit the Republican Party waxes insane.
As a remedy Republicans want spending cuts to those programs necessary for this nation to function.  NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR AUSTERITY.  Those who have created this monster within the Republican Party do not realize the monster will eat them too. The “Twilight Zone” episode "To Serve Man" is exactly what the Republican Party is advocating except the man that they will truly serve on a platter is themselves, taking this nation yet again into an economic quicksand that will swallow all of us if we let them! 
Write or contact those in the Republican Party who would do this to us and let them know if the sequester cuts go through they will get is their own sequester when they are thrown out of office in 2014.  It will be a savored just reward for an anything-but-just party!

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