Saturday, March 02, 2013

Intransigence and a Rat's Petootie

We are living in an era of the most obstructionist, intransigent, malevolent Republican opposition dedicated to the failure of our first African American president EVEN if it means putting the country last.  The obstruction that is the most compelling piece of this Republican Party’s animus has been the most extreme possibly in the history of this nation.  I am so disgusted, so angry, so sad and so fearful for the future of this country and its impending leap toward insanity that I must wail against it.  
Like the Civil War era the Republican Party today with its Tea Party Republican base wants to severely fracture the nation.  The stakes of descending into anarchy are REAL and those right wing extremists who would perpetrate it are well armed.  
The threats of those outside of the country who want nothing more than to physically damage us are lying in wait.  If the current so called Sequester of draconian spending cuts are allowed to occur without revision it will take DECADES to repair the nation IF it can be repaired at all.   The annihilative ability of those who want to take this nation down both externally and internally is not the stuff of fiction!
You do not have to know how we got to this economic and social abyss to understand that the fault for it lay at the feet of the Republican Party. The Democratic Party, in Rooseveltian tradition, is the only Party capable of lifting this nation out of the economic sewer 30 years of nearly all Republican rule has created.  A weak economy recently returning to a semblance of strength is threatened yet again by austerity and spending cuts the Republican Party is forcing down our throats.  It has a sidecar of significant military cuts which compromise the security of the nation.  Moreover, it provides example to other nations that the democracy we are selling to them is a false notion since we cannot keep our own house in order.  The so-called Sequester will bring a very existential threat.  
If you want to know the etiology of the never ending economic crises the Republican Party has inflicted on this president Google the Rachel Maddow show from last evening (Friday, March 1) who presents, in her usual infinitely brilliant and cogent style, an easy-to-understand rendition as how we got to where we are.  Month after month of manufactured crises that the Republican Party has knowingly and deliberately thrown at the feet of this president to initially try to get him out of office.  When they could not do that, they now in his second term are trying to wound and fatally besmirch his entire presidency EVEN if it means the near death experience of the country. 
I ask you to send this to anyone you wish and tell them in 2014 to throw Republicans OUT of national and state legislatures the gerrymandered composition of which is responsible for the 2012 reduced Republican majority in the House.  It is obvious if Republicans cannot win fair and square they will try to win through every dirty trick in their electoral playbook no matter how unjust as their voter suppression of minorities in swing states in the 2012 election proved.  
I believe because this president is the first African American president that the Republican Party took special advantage of their own rabid right wing extremist base with its uber racist hue to lasso and hog tie its supporters so its elites can grab power any way they can.  The success of the Republican Party could mean the end of a democratic nation as we knew it.  Republicans are dividing it through the old rebel cause whoop of racist whites.
I stand for justice, I stand for humane policy, and I stand for equality. I stand with a relentlessly oppressed people who for centuries have had to endure the most humiliating and death wielding indignities at the hands of those whites who initially, centuries ago, brought the bondage of them to our shores.  Racist sentiment, it seems, in this country never dies and to use the words of Sup. Ct. “conservative” justice Antonin Scalia, “race entitlement” NOT for blacks BUT FOR WHITES is systemically, and possibly forever, bound into the material fabric of this nation. 
I ask you to support Democratic candidates throughout the nation and write those Republicans and their minions who are on the precipice of destroying hard fought for arcs of justice.  Tell them that you will support any and all opposition to them because you care whether people live in a just nation or die at the hands of malevolence in an unjust one. Make no mistake, the true power of the intransigent Republican Party does not care whether we live or die and does not, certainly, give a rat's patootie about you!

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