Thursday, December 13, 2012

Susan Rice -- Ed Markey v. Brown

Sadly, with the removal of the utterly qualified Susan Rice's name for the possible Secretary of State position, John Kerry it seems is all but assured the nomination for this position. This means, of course, that Governor Deval Patrick will appoint someone in the interim and 150 days from that point an election will be held. Obviously, Scott Brown has his eyes set on returning to the Senate seat Elizabeth Warren trounced him to get.

Word is Ed Markey will run for that seat against yet again Scott Brown. Just when we thought the Brown albatross was removed from our collective Massachusetts necks, here it is again. This is just a warning that we MUST defend that seat for the Democrat. I cannot think of a better candidate who has served the longest in the House and who would be more qualified for that seat than Ed Markey.

Yet again, we will be in a position to work our respective posteriors off to MAKE SURE the inept, unqualified, intellectually inferior Scott Brown NEVER see the inside of a Massachusetts national Senate office again. If it is Ed Markey (and I hope that it is) then we should give him our absolute and unequivocal support treating him the same as we did Elizabeth Warren. I aver Republicans should never be allowed to see the inside of Congress in any capacity again!


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