Thursday, December 13, 2012


Several things are being attempted by mendacious Republicans at the STATE level. They are trying to CHEAT Democrats who clearly outnumber Republicans in many swing states so that the state remains Republican red even though the state in the national presidential election voted Democrat blue. Governors like Synder of Michigan, Walker of Wisconsin, Kasich of Ohio and others with Republican legislatures are doing this in several ways and MUST be fought. It must be fought by the electorate at the voting booth and it must be fought in the courts. It must be fought by progressive media where progressive media can be found and also must be fought nonviolently by protests with feet in the streets.

Republicans are attempting three malevolent, unfair and in some cases, I believe, illegal things to attempt to ensure Republican majorities forever. They are doing the following:

1. Gerrymandering: Republicans are trying to create majorities in the state and even the federal legislatures by gerrymandering the vote. This means that Republican state legislatures with Republican governors when in power carve out districts in their state so that those districts are skewed for Republican majorities even IF the state has been a traditionally Democratic state. Since the 2010 election many state legislatures heretofore blue turned inanely red. Once Republican red and IF they had a Republican governor with his cronies in tow these nefarious and unfair activities overturning in some cases the 1964 Civil Rights one man one vote Act take place. Republicans are, of course, trying to not only exact revenge on President Obama's crushing victory they are also trying to ensure Republican future victories by scurrilous tactics changing the legislature in perpetuity to red well beyond Barack Obama.

2. Right to Work for Less: Republicans are trying to undermine the middle and working classes relegating these classes to serf status by passing so called "Right to Work" laws. This means they are trying to make unions irrelevant and when they do all studies have shown, as the president said it is NOT the right to work BUT "THE RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESS!"

When one undermines unions not only will one work for less money and no benefits, as no union will be there to protect workers' rights, but if the collection of dues is compromised that will also undermine the ability of unions to function at all. Unions are heavy contributors to the Democratic Party. It is clear “Right to Work” means crushing unions which are a significant source of Democratic money in this Citizens’ United era. Republicans are, of course, in pertinent part, trying to crush the Democratic Party.

Moreover, other things come with Republicans. Hard-fought-for-rights for women such as equal pay for equal work, the right of women to determine their own reproductive health, right to vote for minorities and the right of equal marriage protection for all can be undermined. All it takes is for Republicans to gain power in the state legislatures, the governorships and a Supreme Court that has fallen back in love with the states' rights argument of Civil War fame. We know it truthfully is not principle for which Republicans work but obviously is their an unfair power grab by any means necessary.

3. The Electoral college: As if the prior rationales for Republican usurpation of power though what should be clearly unconstitutional means were not enough Republicans are AUDACIOUSLY trying, as Secretary of State Husted of Ohio is attempting, to divide up states into many districts assigning EVEN presidential separate electoral votes to those districts. Romney would have won Ohio if that were the case and EVEN if Democrats win the popular vote. It means that even presidential electoral votes of swing states will be divided up so that someone like the president or any Democrat will take only a partial electoral vote in a heretofore blue state. It could and possibly would ensure a Republican election for president.

These are power grabbing dastardly schemes. For all these reasons we must URGE the electorate if they hold a middle class or working class job to beat Republicans at their own game. JOIN A UNION AND PAY THE DUES. The electorate MUST be convinced that the Republican Party is NOT about most of them. It is about the 1% richest. The greatest weapon we the people possess is our vote.


Write your Congressmen, write your governors, write the President and write Attorney General Eric Holder asking them through the power of their offices to legally act and protect the people’s civil rights!

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