Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Suppressing the Vote Yet Again!

As you can see from the link here and below the Republican liars are at it again attempting to make voter ID law in Wisconsin (and I am sure other states) enshrined in state constitutional law not because it is necessary but because it will suppress the Democratic vote. Democrats everywhere need to mount a HUGE challenge in the courts and by organizing protests of honest people wherever this is attempted before 2014 mid-term elections when Republicans stand to lose dramatically. If Republicans attempt voter suppression by making voter ID’s a state constitutional mandate then it will be on the Democratic Party across the nation to make sure legally this does not happen.

The Republican attempts at this are a ruse, brazen, unethical and just plain WRONG because there is NO voter fraud. Wisconsin has one of the highest voter turnouts in the country. Apparently Republicans in Wisconsin are against high voter turnout. The rationales they give for needing Voter ID's are FALSE. They are designed to make it harder for the elderly, minorities, the disabled and the poor to vote. It has nothing to do with alleged voter fraud which is non-existent but has EVERYTHING to do with suppressing the Democratic vote.

We need to beat Republicans at their charlatan game and ensure they do not do this by taking it to the people and the Courts to reject. The Republican Party will be the most vulnerable in 2014 and they know it as the president is making a great case for Democratic economic policy taking it to the people all over the country as to why the top 2% richest should contribute more and why the middle class is deserving of tax relief growing the economy NOT from the top down which was tried and failed but from the middle class out. Taking your case and explaining it to the people works!

Beyond that we also know other social issues from a women's right to choose her health care including birth control are in the mix. Republicans will regressively push our country backwards in draconian fashion attempting to return us to another era. They MUST BE STOPPED by any means necessary including forming a massive campaign to sign up voters and to GET OUT THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE (GOTV) when the time comes! In the meantime do NOT let Republicans constitutionally enshrine Voter ID laws!

Maintaining our democracy takes work and oversight and it did not end by our crushing victory in 2012. Make no mistake the Republican Party will stop at nothing to win even through illegal conduct if they deem it necessary. We must not allow this to happen. There is too much at stake.




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