Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A National Disgrace

The Republican Party yesterday — mainly Tea Baggers — disgraced fellow Republicans, the United States Senate, United States Servicemen and women AND the United States of America while kicking sand into the global community's eyes by refusing to ratify a treaty for the disabled that was begun by George W. Bush to extend our own American with Disabilities Act to other nations.  The American with Disabilities Act passed into law by President H.W. Bush the elder and the treaty of it put forth by George W. Bush was signed by him and President Obama to help this cause.
The elder statesman and WWII veteran, former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole, came literally off his death bed in a wheel chair to the floor of the Senate as did many other senators, congressmen and veterans to ratify this treaty.  
It takes 67 votes to ratify a treaty.  It failed 61 to 38.  It lost because of Tea Party Republican intransigents who refused to vote for it because it was attached to the UN and Tea Party perceived loss of American sovereignty and world government crank fears.  This was truly an abomination and proof positive that all of us, Republican and Democrat, alike must work hard to send a message loud and clear that these inhumane deluded excuses for humanity Tea Baggers will LOSE their respective seats in both the House and the Senate in 2014. This minority MUST not be allowed to hold the United States of America hostage to their rancid poisonous philosophical malevolence.
If this simple treaty could not be ratified how on God's earth is one going to navigate the so called fiscal cliff?  They stood intransigent, I believe, to show they will never do as the majority of Americans have commanded and as reflected by the president's resounding win.  The Tea Bag party, the party of stupidity and treason secessionists, the party of birthers and 911 conspiratorial ranters has become a GREAT evil in the American political scene. A minority party of viral low information voters within the Republican Party has taken this country close to the abyss.  How did these cerebral nincompoops gain so much power that they can make the United States of America look anemic to the world? 
A part of the Republican Party is insipid and will never in its present form win ANYTHING major again. They are a dead party as they exist today.  Republicans need to kick the Tea Baggers into the ash bin of history, place them in the dump and close the lid. Let's have the funeral for them and be done with it to get the American Congress moving once again. 
Sen. Hatch, Sen. Graham, Sen. Shelby, and 35 other senators SHAME ON YOU for not ratifying a simple treaty for the disabled around the world.  You are a disgrace to veterans, you are a disgrace to your own colleagues who have given their lives in service, you are a disgrace to the disabled everywhere and you are most of all a disgrace to the nation you are supposed to serve!

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