Thursday, December 06, 2012

A Link to Senators who Opposed the Treaty on Disabilities

I am posting the link below or here that gives you how particular senators voted on treaty ratification of the Americans with Disability Act to extend throughout the world by treaty signature. G.W. Bush began and signed it as did President Obama.

I urge you IF you have time to contact as many Republican senators who voted NAY on the list. The list is divided so you can see who voted nay on this all important treaty. We are the ONLY developed nation not to have signed it. It needs 67 votes for treaty ratification and Tea Baggers dumped it. This small group of Republicans must NOT be allowed to hijack not only this treaty but economic policy that is good for the country and the world. They MUST NOT be allowed to subvert the president at every turn.

Here is the list below. By simply Googling their last name and hit contact you will be given a form for policy comments that has auto fil. Once you fill in your name, etc. on every other one you click on it will be automatically be put in. It saves much time.

We MUST show Republicans and the heartless Tea Baggers within that Party that we will be dedicated to replacing them.

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