Saturday, December 08, 2012

Crème DeMint or Tea and Toast

If one follows politics as I do one knows Jim DeMint, Tea Party senator extraordinaire from South Carolina has resigned. He is not serving out his second term in the senate a short month after his reelection. Many are stunned and more still are trying to decipher whether this is a good thing or bad for Democrats. Does this mean another Civil War is erupting this time within the Republican Party trying to purge itself of its moronic madness that exists on the far right? Or will it give an opportunity for the king of the Teas to wined up and throw many more pitches over the plate simply thinking at the Heritage Foundation think tank to create Tea Party policy at a reported one million a year.

The question remains because Tea Baggers are nearly incapable of winning a national election what could Crème Jim DeMint pour into his drink to sweeten it making it more palatable to the American electorate?

The formation of the Tea Party began after passage of the Affordable Health Care Act. It was made up of many middle class mostly whites who carried signs like "Keep your hands off my Medicare" and wore hats with tea bags hanging off of them like one's Aunt Millie from the Ozarks. I thought this would be a movement that could step on the heads of Wall Street who rode rough shod over the world's economy since they were mighty angry at the bailouts too. Instead, the Republican hierarchy seized upon the chance of capturing millions of disaffected white voters convincing them that government spending on programs for the poor was the problem using so called Obamacare as evidence.

They herded these low information voters and watchers of Fox No News News corralling them into believing the Republican Party cared about them because it was against spending especially for the poor (meaning minorities and blacks of course.) It wasn't about helping these middle class whites but it was about deluding the old Moral Majority of the Nixon years making them work FOR Wall Street and not against it.

The necessary vital life-giving ingredient to the Tea Party Republican pie of white was the middle class white hot hatred of a black president and his black family walking into the very white house. As one election sign of a supporter of Mitt Romney said, "Let's keep the White House white!"

What the reality Tea Partiers failed to see and the Republican hierarchy ignored was, of course, demographics. The demographics of the nation are changing. The white man will soon be in the minority and no amount of gerrymandering or Sheldon Adelson and Koch brothers stuffed pockets of money will help.

The racist religious fascist cranks of the Tea Party Taliban have gotten our attention and continue to try to gum up the works for anything with the name Obama attached to it even if that man won a crushing victory against them. I believe it is this that is at the heart of the Tea Party movement despite the one or two token African Americans who on occasion showed up at a Romney rally drowning in a sea of white! In the final analysis I think it will not matter if Crème Jim DeMint sits at the throne of the conservative new “think tank” Heritage Foundation or occupies a seat in the United States Senate. His tea baggers and the toxicity they bring to the nation will, ultimately, make them toast!

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