Sunday, December 02, 2012

Light Through the Darkness

The article below appeared in the G Section of the Boston Globe on Saturday, December 1. It is entitled: "He Saved Me, Too: the story of an unlikely friendship that of a Holocaust survivor and a woman" by Bella English here or below.

The article, I think, conveys the ability of human beings to connect with one another, give a part of each to the other filing voids many of us feel as we travel through the difficulties of life. Victor Frankl chronicler of his Holocaust experience in his famous work “Man's Search for Meaning” said, even then, in the darkest hour the will to live was endemic in most. Where no meaning seemingly exists we seek to find one, to give reason to the unreasonable, to replace the darkness with light, and seek happiness despite our despair. Rabbi Harold Kushner in his work “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People” says when hope seems the most elusive one human being can help the other assisting us through our tragic moments. Indeed, he says, this is God in the human experience.

The meeting of the aging Holocaust survivor, Aron Lieb, former Dachau resident who lost his family to fires of Auschwitz and the new mother saddled with post partum depression was unforeseen. Each filled a void in the other. He lived here with no family, no wife, and no children of his own save the stranger he acquired in a meeting of chance. He provided for her a way and a why out of depression. She would provide for him the family he never knew and the daughter who would sit beside him at 91 when he died.

The story is, I think, about hope where seemingly there is none and where there is the love of friendship in an often loveless world. Its tale is a message for all of us who have endured the vicissitudes and tears of life but go on nonetheless finding meaning in those we love and who love us through it all. He assured her if there is life after death he would send a sign. You must read the article to find out if he did.

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