Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Method to Their Madness -- The bulldozing of Susan Rice

Republicans blathering against Susan Rice is utterly ridiculous and immoral. To attack an innocent qualified person who WILL be Secretary of State over NOTHING is deplorable.   There, however, is a method to their madness. Republicans want John Kerry's Senate seat for Scott Brown if Kerry leaves it to become Secretary of State if Susan Rice has a problem securing it. Scott Brown though will NEVER get that seat. He is THROUGH! McCain, Graham and Ayotte want to block Rice by any means necessary no matter if they run over her with a bulldozer. 

McCain is aged, mean and a shadow of what he was. He is full of anger and revenge because his attempts at the presidency were foiled at every turn. He is washed up and knows it. Graham is a remnant from the Confederacy or tries to be. He is a HYPOCRITE. Bush's Condoleza Rice advocates for a phony war killing THOUSANDS and destabilizing a region but he had no problem with that. 

PAAAHLEESE give me a break. We are NOT stupid. They sock it to the eminently qualified black woman because they THINK Republican Scott Brown (remember him?) can get Kerry's seat if Kerry becomes Secretary of State. NO WAY! WE MUST NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN. Mass. hopefully came its senses since the 2010 fluke election of Brown because Democrats were not paying attention. We will NOT NOT NOT be asleep again.

Write or contact John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte and tell them they look like bullies in their attempt to crush Susan Rice. They will NOT be successful as the president has said. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire as Santas's helper looks like a Stepford Wife token female in support of her men. Tell them to LEAVE SUSAN RICE ALONE. Tell them NOT to hope for Scott Brown. I thought we just had an election telling him he is THROUGH! WE NEED TO MAKE SURE HE IS!

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