Friday, May 11, 2012

Scott Walker overheard

This is what Scott Walker of Wisconsin is about advocating for Republicans to take YOUR job.  It is not ONLY Wisconsin.  It is all over the US and could come to your own state IF we are not vigilant.  And it applies to seniors, the disabled and those who depend on state services to help us live life.  If you see someone take the Ride -- that is state help, if you go to college through Mass. Rehab that is state help, if you cannot eat or cannot afford medical care the state will help you.  Walker's road map is to take that ALL away, pocket the money and the 1% live like kings and other Republicans emulate him. 

Scroll down and see how you can help!  If you can please donate to Barrett who is running in the recall of Scott Walker.  I know it's not your state but truly we are all in this together.  Let's act like the family we should be and do NOT let this barbarian run rough shod over middle and working class rights those rights someday may truly be your own!

Click here to see the taped private conversation or below.

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